Life Strategist — Alchemy Coaching

Developing life strategies using the power of

the Chinese Five Elements and Nine Palaces

to help you learn how to truly fly and live authentically and honestly.


Stuck in your life? 


Need motivation? 

Want help with the strategy to get your life moving in the right direction again?

If you have a personal or business goal in mind…

If you have a way of life you are dreaming about…

If you are working hard to promote a product, service, or book…

If you feel like there has to be a better way to live…

If you want to really change your life…

If you want to really work at what you truly desire…


Alchemy Coaching

Jaye is the “What kind of life do you really want” coach. Jaye coaches the coaches.

Learn about the power of the ancient Chinese Five Elements and how they work in your life. Find out how your Elements “stack up,” and how you can harness the power of your authentic self. In life, love, and business, you can truly be the person you were meant to be. To be able to understand your own self, to reach beyond what others have taught you to think about yourself, and to follow the path you really are suppose to travel is a very powerful thing. I love to help people who are on the journey. Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water…which are you? Learn who you truly are. Accept who you can truly be. Live your life – not someone else’s. The Nine Palaces give powerful insight into how to balance your life between career, relationship, health, adventure, family, and more. Jaye leaves no stone unturned and helps you strategize on a happier and healthier life. Alchemy is about transformation and change. Are you ready for change?

First Session is Three Hours – Fast moving, getting to the heart of your life’s purpose, sets the stage for future goals. In this session, you will laugh, cry, and uncover and discover what is holding you back and how to remove those obstacles.

Following Session – One to 1.5 hours each.

Five Element Marketing

Discover what your audience is – Elementally speaking – and how you can target them in a way that is so amazing you will say, “Why is no one else doing this?”


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