What Is Five Element Coaching?

Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, or Water… which are you?

Each Element walks through life differently. Understanding these differences is a way for me to work at a deeper and more productive level. When I first started learning about the Five Elements, I realized immediately that I had been using the Five Elements in my work for decades without knowing it! I didn’t have a name for it. I had found my own way of identifying the types of people I was working with and what I could do to help them. The Five Elements now live and breathe in my thoughts, emotions, and feelings when I am working, playing, or just being out in the world. Now, as I continue on the life long journey of learning the Five Elements as a humble student, I can incorporate them into my coaching sessions on a daily basis. The Five Elements will also help you live more authentically as you discover your true nature, honor it, and allow it to thrive.

My role as a life coach is action-based and results-oriented. As a life coach, I will support, empower, and challenge you to set new goals, help you find ways to get results, and manage personal changes along the way. Together, we create a safe and non-judgmental space by listening, asking questions, and having conversations together. I like to help you get focused, stay focused, and move forward with your life and goals–whatever they may be! Life coaching involves self-development and evolution.

Are you ready for Five Element Coaching?

Not everyone is ready to work with me, and I understand that. Working at this level requires your desire to change…really change. Some of us might think we want to change, but we are limited by our old patterns and/or our past beliefs about who we are.
This is why I’ve teamed up with Leta. Together, we work with people who need both healing on the energetic level (Leta’s work) and then need to learn the tools to help them walk their path (my work). It is an amazing combination for those who get the opportunity to experience it.

Depending on your current circumstances in your life, I often recommend before you undertake Five Element Coaching — or any coaching– that you first set up an appointment with Leta so she can work on an energetic level to release what might haunt you from the past. Leta offers many different treatments that clear out the skeletons of the past, so you can truly fly in your life. She will also begin to treat your true qi (energy) and help you come into alignment energetically with your path in life.

Please feel free to talk to Leta (or myself) and see if this is the right time for this work. Thank you to all those who I am already working with. It is an amazing time right now, and I am feeling blessed to be having so much fun! Are you ready to take your life to the next level?

I look forward to your success!

Jaye McElroy